Top 5 Virtual Reality Horror Games You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 Virtual Reality Horror Games You Shouldn’t Miss

When it comes to Virtual Reality, gamers have countless options in choosing games to play. While all the games are enjoyed most in VR settings, horror titles can never take a back seat. These games are also played on flat screens, but nothing can compare to horror games experience on VR. This is because new-age horror games are built and conceptualized specifically for virtual reality to enhance hobbyists’ experience to the maximum.

In the past 2023 year, many new game franchises have focused on developing chilling horror games only for VR. Compared to old-age horror games, these games are comparatively more realistic in terms of graphics and mechanics. The good thing about modern-age horror games is that they can be enjoyed with friends and family members. This is why most gamers head to VR parks to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping experience together.

Are you looking for the best horror titles to enjoy in 2024? Keep reading the article to explore the top VR horror games you shouldn’t miss.

5 Horror VR Games to Give You Chills

This article will throw light on 5 horror games that are rated best in terms of graphics, experience, and mechanics. Each game shown below varies from another, and each offers a different immersive and chilling experience to hobbyists. Whether you are curious about exploring haunted houses or being left alone in the jungle, there are various options to explore. Furthermore, these games are objective-based, so you can also enjoy playing them with a team of friends.

Here are five scariest games you can’t miss playing in 2024.

1.      Devour

Ever wanted to explore haunted facilities and locations with nothing but only a torch? Then, you give Devour a try. The game was released in the year 2023 and now has more than 4 maps that gamers can enjoy. Each map features different dark figures wandering around the town that can attack you anytime and get you shivering.

Devour’s most played map is “The Town” where the objective is to find 10 goats and sacrifice them. Every time you sacrifice a goat, a ghost witch comes chasing you with haste. Players can use their torches to avoid being caught by the wandering soul and ensure their survival. Hobbyists who are fans of such games grab virtual reality park Dubai mall tickets to play DXB and head into the world’s best VR zone to enjoy chilling horror titles.

2.      Phasmophobia

The game is quite old now, as it was released in 2020, but it’s still a famous title when it comes to horror games. The game is designed co-op to allow friends and family members to enjoy the chilling experience together. The game is constantly being updated by the developer, and there are countless maps and locations to explore.

The game starts with three players exploring a house with a ghost infestation. The objective is to find your enemy and neutralize it before it gets you. It’s a challenging game that requires equal effort from all three players to eliminate your common enemy. Phasmophobia is a good horror game to try if you and your mates love being scared together.

3.      The Exorcist: Legion

This game is based on a series of horror films and is considered one of the most terrifying VR games. If you love supernatural games, then this game can give you a chilling experience. However, the game is comparatively short, and you can complete it within a few hours of playing. Despite being short, the game is filled with thrilling experiences that keep boredom at bay.

In this game, the player plays the role of a detective who is investigating a case of horrifying priest murder. Throughout your case, you are sent to multiple locations to look for clues and find deeper insights into the murder. While doing this, you are constantly being scared by dark figures that are roaming around in the haunted location.

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4.      Kobold

Kobold is another good option if you are looking to challenge yourself with lifelike game graphics. The developers have focused on all the details, including sound, voice acting, and design, to give the players chills. If you are looking for a game with breathtaking, horrifying visuals, then you should add Kobold to your bucket list.

The game objective is similar to The Exorcist: Legion, but in this, you are sent to investigate a missing child case. The location you will explore is an abandoned mansion that itself looks utterly scary. The game enhances its immersion with its photorealistic experience that separates this game from the rest. If this is something you enjoy, then you should get play DXB tickets and head into a gaming heaven that has countless similar horror titles to give you chills.

Enhance Your Horror Games Experience With VR!

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