What is A VTT File and How to Open and Create It

What is A VTT File and How to Open and Create It

Have you ever noticed a subtitle displayed at the bottom screen on a streaming video? Or, are you well versed in the factors displaying subtitles of an ongoing video? The answer is – A VTT file. These files are the hidden factors that display subtitles or audio captions for a video. If you are willing to discover what is a .vtt file then read the article.  

What is A VTT File?

A VTT File stands for – Video Text Tracks. For a streaming video, a VTT file creates closed captions or subtitles to display on the screen. These files are created to save time-stamped text for website-based videos that typically respond to the audio content in a streaming video. A VTT File uses extension of – (.vtt)

Steps to Create A VTT File

A VTT file, simply called subtitles,  is helpful for hearing-impaired individuals when they watch videos or movies. These files can be developed with the help of a text editor or captioning software. If you are thinking of creating a VTT file, then exert yourself. The VTT file creation process is simple. Follow the steps to learn the method-

  • Choose any of the text editors available on your device such as TextEdit for MacOS and Notepad for Windows.
  • Now, open a new page and put the content you are willing to display in your VTT File.
  •  Along with the content, also add their linked time codes.
  • Your VTT file should begin with ‘WEBVTT’ displayed on the first line of the content accompanied by a blank line.
  • Now, save this VTT file with a .vtt file format extension (.vtt extension)
  •  You can add this recently created VTT file to your videos.

When a specific video is streaming in a browser, then this VTT file executes automatically to display subtitles in synchronization with the audio content of that video.

Know the Process of Opening a VTT File

How to open a VTT file? The answer is simple. Opening a VTT file is an easy process. Different VTT file opener apps allow you to open a VTT file. here some apps are mentioned, you can download any of them to open a VTT file on your device.

  • FAB subtitler
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • UltraEdit

How to Open VTT File Without Downloading the Apps

How to open VTT file without downloading the apps? if you are not comfortable downloading and installing these apps to open VTT files, then go with other options. a text editor also helps to open a VTT file and an interesting fact is that these text editors are already available to your Windows or Mac devices.  you can follow the below-mentioned steps –

  • Search for a specific VTT file that you want to open.
  • Right-click on the file and choose the option of “Open With” MacOS or Windows.
  • On selecting, now choose a suitable text editor from the list of applications installed on your device. ( for MacOS – TextEdit & for Windows – Notepad)
  • Your selected VTT will open in the text editor displaying all the sync audio content of a video.

For more information about VTT files and their functions, visit the Softfind portal.

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