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23 May, 2024

Common LED traffic guidance screen function and classification

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are LED traffic guidance screens on important sections of the expressway. Some of these screens are monochrome, some are two-color, and some are full-color. Usually these screens will prompt road congestion, driving in rainy and foggy weather. Pay attention to safety, Lao Lai information, etc., so […]

How to choose stage rental LED display?

As a comprehensive occasion art, the stage performance involves all aspects of the relationship between people and objects, such as actors, performances, props, machinery, etc., which are the basis of the traditional stage. However, with the advent of the multimedia era, digital technology has gradually entered the stage, causing a unique chemical reaction. The concept […]

The challenges brought by the small-pitch LED display to the chip side

Compared with other display technologies, LED display has the advantages of self-illumination, excellent color reproduction, high refresh rate, power saving, and easy maintenance. The two characteristics of high brightness and super large size through splicing are the decisive factors for the rapid growth of LED displays in the past two decades. In the field of […]

Some requirements of small pitch for front-end image splicer

With the birth of the micro-pitch LED display, the micro-pitch LED display has been more and more used in Command center hall, control room, conference center and other key places. With the continuous shrinking of the pixel pitch of the micro-pitch LED display, people’s viewing distance is further shortened. In order to achieve a better […]