Best Frozen Fruit Distributors | Discover Schare Associates

Best Frozen Fruit Distributors | Discover Schare Associates

With Schare & Associates on your side, you can be confident that you are dealing with a quality-focused staff. From selecting high-quality ingredients to providing amazing customer service. We’re here to assist you in creating the best and healthiest juices possible. Contact Schare Associates, the leading frozen fruit distributors, today and see the difference for yourself. Keith Schare, the company’s proprietor, created Schare & Associates, Inc. in 1997 after starting out in the Fruit Concentrate business in 1992. Over the years, they’ve worked with thousands of clients and suppliers, and they take pride in providing excellent service to each one. Their organization is founded on honesty, integrity, and ethics. They only treat people as we would like to be treated. They feel that communication is always the best option in challenging situations.

In the highly competitive beverage market, being ahead of the curve is critical to success. Incorporating bulk fruit juice concentrate into their products is a fundamental approach used by sophisticated beverage companies. This flexible ingredient has numerous benefits that can improve your beverages and boost business success. Let’s look at how bulk fruit juice concentrate can transform your operations.

Enhanced Flavor Profiles

Bulk fruit juice concentrate is well-known for its powerful flavor profile, making it an excellent choice for manufacturing potent cocktails. Whether you’re making refreshing fruit juices, colourful smoothies, or sumptuous cocktails, using concentrated fruit juice can improve your consumers’ taste experiences. With a diverse selection of fruit alternatives available. From classics like orange and apple to exotic types like mango and pomegranate. You can create unique flavors that set your beverages apart from the competition.

Cost Efficiency

One of the most major benefits of employing bulk fruit juice concentrate is its cost-effectiveness. Purchasing concentrate in bulk quantities allows you to benefit from economies of scale and cheaper unit costs when compared to using fresh fruit or pre-packaged juices. This cost savings can have a big impact on your bottom line, allowing you to boost profit margins or spend in other areas of your organization, like marketing or product development.

Extended Shelf Life

Another significant advantage of bulk fruit juice concentrate is its longer shelf life compared to fresh fruit. Concentrated juice can be stored for an extended amount of time without spoiling, eliminating food waste and assuring consistent supply of beverage ingredients.

Customization and Versatility

Bulk fruit juice concentrate provides exceptional customization and diversity, allowing you to tailor beverage compositions to your target audience’s exact preferences. Whether you’re catering to health-conscious customers searching for low-sugar options or experimental taste buds craving unusual fruit mixes, concentrate may be simply mixed and matched to produce a wide selection of beverage offers. Furthermore, concentrate can be diluted with water or other liquids to get the appropriate flavor intensity, allowing you to completely tailor the taste character of your beverages.

Operational Efficiency

Incorporating bulk fruit juice concentrate into your beverage production process can help to streamline operations and increase productivity. Unlike fresh fruit, which must be washed, peeled, and juiced, concentrate is ready to use, saving important time and labour expenditures in the kitchen. Furthermore, the consistent quality and flavor of concentrate assure uniformity across batches, avoiding the danger of taste and quality differences that might arise when using fresh fruit.

Best frozen fruit distributors

Their exceptional customer testimonials speaks volumes about Schare Associates Products & Services  

“I have been working with Schare & Associates for many years and I can personally tell you that there is no more honest or ethical company in the industry. In the food industry, there are many ups and downs. You can’t expect every deal to be perfect. What have found most important, is how a company deals with adversity. Schare & Associates always stands behind their products and always does the right thing. We wish there were more companies like Schare & Associates in the industry.”

“I have been purchasing products from Schare & Associates since 2013 and I must say that I have really enjoyed working with them. We have saved a tremendous amount of money on my food ingredients but more importantly, Schare always stands behind their products. I find it refreshing to deal with a company with such a high level of ethics, a rare commodity in today’s world. You always know that when I deal with Schare & Associates. I will be happy and satisfied with my purchase and usually, I will save a lot of money.”


Ultimately, bulk fruit juice concentrate is a powerful ingredient that has the potential to transform your beverage business. The benefits of adding concentrate into your products are apparent, ranging from improving flavor profiles and lowering costs to prolonging shelf life and increasing operational efficiency. By capitalizing on the variety and customizability of bulk fruit juice concentrate. You may create new prospects for growth and success in the competitive beverage industry. Accept the power of concentration and propel your drinks business to new heights today.

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