Yes, love does include contentment, happiness, Sex Chat lust, needed companionship, these are, to an extent, offshoots.

What love is, is something that can not be put in to words very easily. Love is a series of emotions, that when combined, result in the greatest feeling that you will ever know.
Waking up next to that someone, & snuggling w/ them for hours. Looking into her eyes & seeing & feeling absolute joy. Knowing that if you had a split second to choose 1 moment in your life to spend the rest of eternity, it would be that one. Love is knowing you always have that person. the shit can hit the fan, but the most important part of your life; her, still remains.

You do everything for her, as long as she’s happy. It is not something you can try to give a definition to. It’s an elusive animal, that resists all forms of accurate description. But is unique in that, it will reveal all when the time is right.I’ve been in love before, only to have my hopes dashed.
But such is love, that no matter how hurt, the reward greatly outweighs the risk of the pain that could be caused. This node might be of help, or it might not @ all. YMMV