5 Tips To Customize Bath Bomb Packaging In Creative Ways

5 Tips To Customize Bath Bomb Packaging In Creative Ways

Give your business a chance to seize the cosmetic industry with excellent custom bath bomb packaging. These boxes’ unique designs and tempting colors magnify the product’s outlook. Do you wish to make your business grow with immense sales of products? We are here to guide you in this task. Read this blog to customize the eco friendly bath bomb packaging.

Select The Qualitative Material For Bath Bomb Boxes

Bath bombs are the colorful balls that come to give you relaxation in bathing. These balls come in different fragrances. For the protection of the scents and shapes of bath bombs, the quality of the material is a big concern. You should have to select a durable and sturdier packaging material for product safety. There are a variety of materials that have specific qualities. Here are the materials you can choose from them.

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

The best way to select the material is first to know the purpose of the packaging. If you want to customize the boxes with many features, cardboard helps you a lot. Kraft comes to meet the needs of nature-friendly solutions. The use of kraft and cardboard builds positive brand images due to eco-friendly material selection. Besides, using corrugated rigid offers lots of protection during storage and travel.

Showcase products in unique ways

The important aspect of custom soap boxes is their attractive display on shelves. When people enter any store, the magnificent styles bring the attention of their product. They notice the stylish outlook of products and bring them to home. For this purpose, there are a variety of styles. Let’s begin with the creative styles;

Tray and sleeve boxes

An easy-to-opening tray box with admiring designs gives a fantastic unboxing experience to customers.

Also, the upper sleeve covers the sliding trays and protects the inside items.

Mailer Boxes

The interlocking flaps of mailer boxes close the boxes without any gum or tape. You can use these boxes to transport the bath bombs without any damage. The box styles protect and preserve the shapes of bath bombs during travel.

Display boxes

These boxes are the perfect choice to showcase your products. These boxes display the bath bombs on shelves and attract the buyers with colorful bath bombs. You can use the inserts to pack the many bath bombs in one box. The inserts keep them in the exact place. They prevent the colliding of bath bombs and protect their original shapes.

Window boxes with Die cuts

Using the window die cut bath bomb boxes increases the interaction of customers. They get the clue of inside products’ colors, size, and aesthetics from its packaging. Moreover, the PVC sheets act like a barrier and prevent the damage.

Custom Printed Bath Bomb Packaging for product sale

Printing is the best option and gives you a chance to make your product noticeable. Digital prints bring the customer’s attention to the products. The alluring graphic images and vivid, colorful themes make you stand out from the other brands. Further, you can use printing to talk about the details of bath bomb ingredients. Also, its benefits and precautions to protect it from any damage. All this information guides the customers, and they get the quality of products.

The custom bath bomb packaging in vibrant colors brings life to the product presentation. Imagine a packaging with a dull color scheme and ordinary designs. Can it make people a fan of branded products? No, it will damage your product image before the customers. That’s why the unique color schemes and prints make the boxes lively for customers.

Stand apart your brand with perfect logo designs.

As you know the, well-established brands can win the confidence of customers. Thus, the unique logo prints make people aware of the brands. After getting quality products, Customers look for the brand names for future sales. Without branding, your products don’t get the much-needed value. Custom bath bomb boxes are a great way to add a branded touch to the packaging. You can use these boxes as your brand ambassadors.

Also, the embossing/debossing on the packaging makes your products recognizable. You can add the foiling in gold, silver, and spot UV to add 3D image quality. The logo embellishments always bring a large number of customers to your brand.

Coating to add shine to bath bomb packaging

Last but not least, the lamination of custom boxes makes bath bomb packaging wholesale eye catchy and charming. You can add gloss to the surface of boxes. Besides that, the coating layers protect the inside products from heat and external factors. They keep the inside products moisture-free. The matte lamination makes the box surface smooth and velvety.


Customizing the bath bomb packaging for best sales is not an easy task. But with the help of our suggestions, you can get the quality of packaging boxes. Our experts at iCustomBoxes have attractive designs to make you stand out. We use rigid, kraft, cardboard, and corrugated to protect the bath bombs from any damage. Besides, the digital prints and unique logos make your brand popular among the rivals. Further, we offer free shipping and free design help to customers.


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