De Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad: A Path to Recovery – Ekantar Foundation

De Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad: A Path to Recovery – Ekantar Foundation

The Ekantar Foundation runs a De Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad, providing hope and healing for individuals struggling with substance abuse. With a holistic approach to rehabilitation, this center offers a multifaceted program that includes detoxification, counseling, and behavioral therapy.

Services and Treatments

  • Detoxification: The first step toward recovery is detoxification. The center provides a safe environment for individuals to withdraw from addictive substances while minimizing discomfort.
    Medical professionals closely monitor patients during this process.
  • Counseling: Experienced counselors offer personalized sessions to address mental health concerns and addiction.
    They delve into underlying issues, identify triggers, and guide individuals toward healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Behavioral Therapy: The center employs evidence-based behavioral therapies to help deprogram addictive behaviors.
  • 12-Step Program: Inspired by the renowned Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program, the 12-step approach helps individuals overcome addiction. Participants learn from their mistakes, make amends, and gain strength to combat addiction.
  • 24/7 Professional Care: A dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and attendants provides round-the-clock attention and essential treatment. Patients receive comprehensive care throughout their recovery journey.
  • Social Activities: Engaging in extra activities plays a vital role in recovery. The center offers daily yoga, meditation sessions, dramas, plays, dance, music, and other entertainment programs. These activities support people on their path to wellness.
  • Psychotherapy Unit: Expert psychologists conduct psychological, cognitive, and behavioral therapies.
    The 12-step de-addiction program guides individuals toward lasting recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ekantar Foundation’s De Addiction Centre government-approved?

Yes, Ekantar Foundation’s De Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad is government-approved. It adheres to established guidelines and standards for addiction treatment1.

How many patients have been treated at Ekantar Foundation?

Over 750 patients have received treatment at Ekantar Foundation, with an impressive 95% recovery rate1.

What sets Ekantar Foundation apart?

Ekantar Foundation offers a customer-driven approach, personalized care, and a supportive community. Their holistic services empower individuals to reclaim their lives and break free from addiction1.

Remember, seeking help is a courageous step, and Ekantar Foundation is there to guide individuals toward a healthier, substance-dependence-free life. If you or a loved one needs support, consider reaching out to their De Addiction Centre in Ghaziabad.

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