Get Everything You Need to Know about SAG RTA Services

Get Everything You Need to Know about SAG RTA Services

A registrar and share transfer agent is specified as an authority trust or entity that manages the liability of maintaining the investor’s transactions record daily for facilitating fund houses, financial institutions, and other companies.

RTAs such as SAG RTA function as the essential intermediary between investors and fund houses. Registrar and Share Transfer Agents keep the investors informed regarding new fund offers, assist them execute the daily transactions at fund houses, etc.

The investor’s recordkeeping duties are indeed managed by fund houses, registrar & transfer agents. Investor’s transactions related to buying and selling of shares, corporate actions (such as right Issue, Bonus Issue, Preferential Allotment, IPO/FPO, etc.), or any additional data correlated to corporate activities are recorded & organized by RTAs on behalf of fund houses.

Qualifying Measures to Work as an Authorized Registrar & Transfer Agent Service Provider:

  • A grant of a certificate from SEBI to operate as an authorized RTA Agent.
  • Registration with two major depositories, i.e., NSDL and CDSL, is a must for any entity to operate as an authorized RTA service provider.

(The Heart of SAG RTA) SAG Infotech Private Limited

SAG RTA is a subsidiary company of SAG Infotech Private Limited. SAG Infotech has been a recognized firm in the taxation industry for the last 20 years. SAG Infotech is quite popular RTA Agent in India for providing effective quality and reliable tax & accounting software to professionals, including CA, CS, and other accounting professionals.

Certain popular tax & accounting software solutions offered by the company are Genius, Gen GST, Gen IT, Gen Payroll, Gen XBRL, etc.

The company in its new role of RTA is overwhelmed to operate as the first SEBI-authorized RTA service provider in Rajasthan. SAG RTA is also officially registered in the RTA list of CDSL/NSDL. The company beneath the globe of RTA Services delivers the most efficient RTA services like as security dematerialization via Central Depository Services Ltd. & National Securities Depository Limited, dividend revalidation, etc.

Fully Information about Registrar and Transfer Agent

SAG Infotech is Rajasthan’s first RTA Service provider, authorized by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

The company as an RTA agent is dedicated to providing excellent and effective quality RTA services to its clients within the nation. Major RTA services furnished via SAG RTA consist of dematerialization of securities via CDSL/NSDL depositories, dividend payout via ECS transfer, divided revalidation, regulatory reporting, Issuance of Duplicate Share Certificate, etc.

The company being a share transfer agent manages the share transfer obligations on the demand of the investor and during that, it manages to store a bigger database of the transactions of the investor.

The practices concerned with corporate actions are seen through the Registrar and the Transfer Agent does reports on the client’s behalf at the time of providing the reports to the related heads whenever needed.

Under the wing of the company, the operative Registrar Transfer Agent department can manage the reporting, mailing, and meeting duties related to share certificate transfer, and security dematerialization on behalf of the investors.

Change of Name, Name Deletion, Change of Client Signature & address, Transmission, and Transposition work counted under the RTA services provided by the company.

SAG RTA is an experienced and professionally trained staff ( including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Tax experts, etc.), who invokes efficient work to furnish tailor-made RTA solutions to the clients through its dedicated and skilled team of Registrar and Share Transfer Agent experts.

SAG RTA is new in the domain of RTA but is spreading at a faster rate. It provides quick, customized solutions to the back-end corporate procedure of its valuable corporate clients.

SAG Registrar & Transfer Agent Services

SAG RTA proposes a broad range of RTA services to Listed Companies, investment companies, Public Companies, and fund houses with large investor databases. At a lower cost, SAG RTA can provide premium quality RTA services to its clients.

SAG RTA Provides the Following RTA Services:

If concerned about providing services by SAG RTA ( to clients at lower prices accompanying higher quality services, SAG RTA is ahead of the companies in the same domain –

On behalf of its pan India clients below is the catalog of Corporate Actions that are performed by the Registrar & Transfer Agent:

Following RTA Services

Proposed RTA Facilities for Professionals (such as CA and CS) and other Clients by SAG RTA Agents:

Professionals Clients by SAG RTA

CS, CA, and other Company Professionals Should opt for SAG RTA Services.

Providing High-Quality RTA Services at a Lower Price

Within CA, CS professionals, and other clients SAG RTA provides effective quality services all across the nation. Certain acknowledged RTA services furnished via the company consist of security materialization via NSDL/CDSL depository, share certificate transfer, dividend revalidation, etc.

Forms for RTAs can be Downloaded Directly From the Portal

CA, CS, and other company professionals can download the crucial RTA forms via the official SAG RTA portal. The form structure & design follow the norms of SEBI related to share certificate transfer, security dematerialization process, and others.

Login Dashboard Facility (for Company Professionals & Customers)

SAG RTA Registrar & Share Transfer Agent furnishes a separate login dashboard utility to CA, CS, and other professionals. The users can simply use the dashboard. Also, the dashboard provides convenient features for the RTA activities management.

Depository Connectivity Between NSDL and CDSL

RTA clients are provided with the utility to connect with the two national depositories, i.e., NSDL, and CDSL, in an easy click-and-connect option on the SAG RTA portal. Clients can manage all share transfers, security dematerialization, and other compliance-related activities with the assistance of the SAG RTA portal.

Services Offered at a Lower Cost by RTA’s

SAG RTA furnishes quality RTA services at a competitive cost to tax, CA, CS, and other company professionals. The company functions on a minimal profit margin since the company’s policy is for customer satisfaction and it carries the key to success in the current market.

SAG RTA Team Provide 24X7 Support

Expert RTA service assistance is been provided to the clients, including CA, and CS professionals offered via email and phone calls. The activities of the backend concerned with RTA document verification and validation are handled by the RTA support staff at the same time.

SAG RTA is dedicated to safeguarding the confidentiality of the RTA-related details provided by the clients.

Continue Updates on Compliance & Information

To prevent any chance of mismatch or default the RTA-based details furnished via SAG RTA to its clients have been updated regularly. The client gets familiar periodically with his or her registered information and any amendment in the norms of RTA is conveyed to them effectively.

Media Publication and Share Transfer Agent Company SAG RTA

SAG RTA is been recognized among the media houses pertinent to the tax and RTA service industry and has since the day when SEBI certified the company as Rajasthan’s 1st RTA service provider.

A special editor column is reserved for SAG RTA in several popular newspapers like Dainik Navjyoti, Punjab Kesari, Business Remedies, Daily News, Nafa Nuksan, Rajasthan Patrika, etc.

Low-cost One-Touch RTA Services for CS’s and CA’s Professionals

SAG RTA provides the connectivity option of the national depositaries i.e. CDSL and NSDL to issuers for corporate actions.

In the operations of the RTA, the company is placing digitization that is furnishing effective practices in making a user-friendly RTA platform for the major stakeholders in the RTA industry accompanied by distributors, fund houses, investors, etc. RTA services like dematerialization of shares and other activities are indeed been furnished via SAG RTA at a much lower cost.

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SAG RTA’s digital platform facilitates time in ISIN creation, monitoring the status, and downloading pertinent documents by the companies. It functions as a single-window solution for all types of RTA services.

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