Find out how to sell furniture online and be well-seen by potential buyers

Find out how to sell furniture online and be well-seen by potential buyers

Do you want to get rid of furniture or invest in household appliances at a low price?

The solution to your problems may be hiding on the internet. On sites like eBay, Max Used Furniture, or Etsy, you can be a seller or buyer of used furniture. But be careful, for one as for the other, the procedure to follow requires a bit of concentration…


Moving, the desire to change, or the need to make money, the reasons for selling your furniture can be different. If a few years ago we were looking for outlets to get rid of what cluttered our interiors, in 2023, just a few clicks would be enough to get rid of excess furniture.

Maybe you’ve never ventured onto eBay, but it’s worth considering. This place for selling and buying new or used products gathers many sellers. To become a good seller on these specialized sites and have a good “e-reputation”, in other words, to be well seen by potential Used office furniture buyers in Dubai, you will have to follow a few rules.


Don’t lie about the condition, state whether it is new or used. Write a nice ad with a presentation of the subject. Humor is allowed in your short text, it can even be a plus for potential customers. Provide as much information as possible (date of purchase, item dimensions, color, etc.) Don’t hesitate to state in your ad if there will be shipping and handling charges.


Photography is what will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Don’t hesitate to post a few good-quality photos taken from different angles to give the customer a real idea of ​​the product. Don’t forget to name your photos properly before uploading them to your website, this can help you stand out better on Google and therefore make it easier for customers to spot you. The table from the 50s that you got from your grandparents will be called “table vintage”.


If the item sold is not new, don’t expect to make a fortune selling it. To get rid of it at a reasonable price, you’ll need to set an affordable buyout price. On auction sites like eBay, don’t start with a high price, start low to increase bids. Don’t hesitate to search for the same type of item being sold on the site to see what price other sellers have set.

Be careful, dealers often surf sites like this so if you have a beautiful piece of your ancestors, don’t hesitate to have it appraised by an expert before selling. This will prevent your bid from being too low about the value of the item.


As everywhere on the Internet, on these sales sites, it is better to plan and avoid unpleasant surprises, so we advise you not to publish your exact details online, such as your bank account number, address, or landline number.

After contacting, make sure of the reliability of the potential customer before communicating this type of personal information. Sellers are rated on Used Furniture Dubai so you can see who you can trust and who you can’t.

You should not ignore the encouraging smile of the seller just because these online outlets are not physical stores. So, to sell your furniture in good condition, be approachable and friendly.

If buyers are clamoring for your items, analyze the offers, respond quickly, and don’t hesitate to provide additional information. The customer must feel confident. You can even offer to look at a piece of furniture before buying it if it’s nearby.

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