From paper mails to plastic postcard mailers- A transit

From paper mails to plastic postcard mailers- A transit

Since our childhood we have been composing and writing to our pen pals, they were far distant from us. However, keeping aside the distance and all other things, we still kept writing to them through paper mail, or postcards. Those days were fun. Well, time have changed, and with that now there are plastic postcard mailers which can be used for writing and composing mail. Apart from the perspective of pen pals, these plastic postcard mailers can also be used for business marketing. So, in the following article, we shall be exploring some specific reasons which will convince us to shift from normal paper mail to plastic postcard mailers.

Why switch from paper mail to postcards

This is a fact well-known that be it business marketing or even writing to your pen pals, whatever you are pursuing, you need to understand Postcards are something which will help you to improvise in all the ways possible. However, with the transitions and innovation taking place, we shall be exploring some reasons and factors as to why a transition from causal postcards to plastic postcard mailers.

Pass the touch test

This has to be at the top of the list, as this is the first thing which makes plastic postcard mailers special. When your business clients or your pals browse through a stack of boring pamphlets, a plastic postcard mailer has all the capabilities to draw attention as they are vibrant, colourful and innovative to look at.


These are exclusive and do not look cheap like the postcards, when a plastic card is that these are exclusive and value the deals and offers a beautiful experience to look at. One of the most pertinent aspects of these plastic postcard mailers is that the translucent design elements can be printed on plastic paper. Unlike papers, plastic mailers ensure that they leave a long-lasting impression on the people. So the appearance makes it a point as to why you need to make a transit from normal postcards to plastic postcard mailers.

Durable and waterproof

As the name suggests these tend to be extremely waterproof and durable, these cards are not easily damaged and can survive the hardest shipping and mailing process. So you see why these cards are so durable and the shipping can be used for custom printed plastic cards for sending out mass marketing mails. What materials are needed to form exclusive Plastic postcard mailers, you ask? These are made high quality PVC and chipping-resistant technology which can help your cars stay top-notch.

Wide variety

One of the most pertinent aspects of plastic postcard mailers is that they are known for their different variants and variations that they come in. When these postcards are used by business class to expand their business these mailers are given in the form of identification cards, loyalty cards, gift cards membership cards also loyalty key tags. So this is another factor which makes this at this list of transitions.


Now this, attribute is something which steals the show, which is tailor-made implications and personalisation’s. In other words when you are sending this card to either your pen pal or sensing this to a business client. You are the master of the creative sea. With the help of this feature, you can always make changes as per your ideas, features and patterns. You can keep the tagline in the bottom or you can keep the logo in the centre and keep all the things in place. You can always look for some professional help like a marketing agency, which can print plastic postcard mailers to expand your business.

Scratch off facility

You can imagine, what it would be like to preserve your privacy by using plastic postcard mailers. Well, you have read it right and there is no joke therein. When you are sending any of this to your client, you can always cover that part and let the client and customer scratch off the space. In case that part is unscratched always inform to sender so that the former sends a different card for use.

Wrapping up

While concluding this article, this can be said that Plastic Postcard Mailers are effective, durable and well-presented. These have all the capabilities to replace your regular and casual postcards. In any case you are unable to understand, consider reading the above guide. Wondering where you can find these, always have a look at K12 print.

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