Germany Toy Market on Track to Reach US$ 6.76 Billion in Revenue by 2028 | Renub Research

Germany Toy Market on Track to Reach US$ 6.76 Billion in Revenue by 2028 | Renub Research

Germany toy market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.51% from 2022 to 2028. Germany is the fourth largest economy and a significant toy market where toys play a crucial role in social interactions, with families often bringing toys as gifts when visiting. The Germany toy industry is a significant market and one of the largest toy markets globally. The industry has a rich history of producing high-quality toys, especially handcrafted wooden toys, for centuries. German toys are known for their safety, durability, and educational value, which have made them popular with consumers worldwide. The German toy industry has seen a high percentage of e-commerce sales, which has increased due to partial lockdowns in the spring and fall.

Germany toys are known for their safety, durability, and educational value, making them popular with consumers worldwide. Handcrafted wooden toys, in particular, have a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and unique design. This expansion of the e-commerce market has led to an increase in overall Germany toy sales. For centuries, many German towns and states have been famous for their handcrafted wooden toys, which were highly regarded worldwide. Additionally, most of the toys in Germany are made by small specialty stores, making it unique in toy sales and services, with Vedas, idee+spiel, duo, duo schreib+spiel, and others mainly serving in the wholesale role. Germany Toy Market is determined to reach US$ 6.76 Billion by 2028. The market growth can be attributed the rising population of children under 15 years of age, increasing disposable income and growing e-commerce sales

The rising population under 15 years of age in Germany has contributed to the growth of the toy industry in recent years. This growth in the child population has resulted in a higher demand for toys, both in traditional brick-and-mortar stores and through online channels. Moreover, the increasing number of working parents has led to a higher demand for educational and interactive toys that can help their children learn and develop while they are away at work. As a result, the toy industry in Germany has seen a surge in innovative and high-quality toy products in recent years, catering to the growing demand for safe and engaging toys for children.

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Increasing awareness among parents about the importance of early childhood education and development is also expected to drive the growth of this segment in the coming years

The Infant/Preschool segment is expected to lead the Germany toy industry in the forecast period. This is due to the increasing demand for toys that help in the early development and education of infants and young children. According to the German Toy Industry Association, the Infant/Preschool segment accounted for the largest share of the toy market in Germany in 2022. The segment includes a wide range of toys such as plush toys, building blocks, educational toys, and ride-ons. Furthermore, the segment has seen a surge in innovative and interactive toys, such as smart toys and electronic learning toys that cater to the growing demand for educational toys.

By Segmentation: – Germany Toy Market will be broken up into 11 types

  1. Infant/Preschool
  2. Construction
  3. Doll
  4. Game Puzzles
  5. Vehicles
  6. Action Figures
  7. Outdoor Sports
  8. Plush
  9. Arts& Crafts
  10. Youth Electronics
  11. Other Toys


Specialty sales channels are expected to generate the majority of share in the Germany toy market in the upcoming years

Specialty sales channels are expected to generate the majority of revenue in the Germany toy market in the upcoming years. These specialty channels include small specialty stores, independent toy stores, and online specialty retailers that cater specifically to the toy market. According to the Renub Research, specialty sales channels accounted for less than half of the total toy sales in Germany in 2022. These channels offer a wide range of products, including exclusive and unique toys that are not available in large retail stores.

Moreover, the personalized and expert services provided by these channels attract consumers who prefer a more intimate and customized shopping experience. With the growth of e-commerce, online specialty retailers are gaining popularity among consumers who seek convenience and a wider range of products. The trend is expected to continue in the coming years as consumers increasingly prioritize personalized and unique products and services.

By Sales Channel: – Germany Toy Market will be broken up into 5 types

  1. Specialty
  2. Department Stores
  3. Discounters
  4. E-commerce
  5. Others


Key Company

Some major companies in the German toy industry are Mattel, LEGO Group, Hasbro, Ravensburger, VTech, and Spin Master Corp. They have a significant market presence in Germany, producing, marketing, and distributing toys, games, and related products. These companies compete based on factors such as innovation, product quality, pricing, and distribution strategies. The German toy industry also includes many small and medium-sized companies, particularly in the wooden and educational toy segments, that cater to niche markets with specialized products and services.

All company have been covered from 3 viewpoints

  • Overviews
  • Recent Developments
  • Revenues

Company Analysis: Germany Toy Market

  1. Mattel, Hasbro
  2. LEGO Group
  3. Ravensburger
  4. Spin Master Corp
  5. Vetch

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