Home Remodeling for Cyclists: Creating the Ultimate Bike-Friendly Space

Home Remodeling for Cyclists: Creating the Ultimate Bike-Friendly Space

If you are a cyclist, then you might need extra storage space to store your bikes/cycles without creating any damage to them. You can make creative storage space for your bikes/cycles by remodeling your home with the help of a professional home remodeler.

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Go with creative bicycle hooks

You can use bicycle hooks to store your cycles in a creative manner. These hooks can come in a single piece or rounded metal. There are flexible options available for you.

You can combine them with storage for other items such as helmets. This will make your space look creative and also solve the storage problem for your bikes.

You can also go with a combination of bike shelf and bookshelf mixture to store your bike essentials such as locks, helmets, etc. in one place.

Airlock it for theft-proofing

You can airlock your bike essentials to prevent them from being theft. You can consult a professional to build this design.

Build a unit to create a bike workshop

You can convert your basement or build a separate unit on your property to create a bike workshop. You can store your bikes here and also perform various bike repairing and cleaning tasks without creating a mess in other areas of your home.

Maximize your outside space

You can maximize your outside space to keep your bikes safe. You can go with bike storage units that are available in all shapes and sizes and are theft and rust-proof.

Go with Vertical Storage Bike Racks

Bikes are longer than they are tall. Hence, you should hang your bikes by creating vertical storage units. This will help you to free up space and also create a lot of storage for your bikes/cycles.

You can go with vertical bike racks to add flexibility to your space. You can mount them directly to a wall or on floor-mounted frames. You can maintain staggered heights that will help shrink the spacing between bikes and avoid handlebar conflicts to maximize the room available.

How about Two-tiered Bike Racks?

You can also think about two-tiered bike racks that will help double your bike capacity when you have limited floor space. You can find two types of bike racks in this category; the Stretch and the Stack Rack.

The Stretch Rack has the highest density parking of any of our racks.

The Stack Rack can provide great high-density storage with an additional benefit of a lift assist to aid in loading bikes on the upper tier.

Floor Mounted Bike Racks

You can also go with floor-mounted racks that are perfect for outdoors. However, you can also place them in your bike room.

These bike racks are great for areas with low ceiling heights or overhead obstructions. They can also more easily accommodate less traditional rides, such as cargo and fat bikes, which may not fit the other rack styles.

Mixed style

You can also go with a combination style of racks to store your bikes and cycles comfortably. This can help you use the available space as efficiently as possible and ensure every bike remains safe in your space.


You can go with any of these storage ideas to store your bicycles or bikes safely. However, you should make sure that you can easily move and store your bikes after incorporating any of these ideas into your home. You can take the help of a professional to create a design to accommodate your bikes or cycles without damaging them while moving them for use or cleaning purposes.

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