Is Los Angeles good for international students?

Is Los Angeles good for international students?

Los Angeles is renowned over the world as a center of film and television. The city is much more than Hollywood and many students are attracted to this place because of the quality education they offer. Here you can discover the glorious sunshine, stunning beaches as well and thirst-quenching cocktails. This place is perfect when you want to unwind. Los Angeles is home to a population of under 4 million people but it boasts more than 20 higher educational institutions. This place is fantastic for those students who want to step into a fruitful future. If you want to find out more about student life in LA, then this guide is perfect for you. 

The top-notch possibilities when it comes to student housing

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There are two primary options when it comes to student accommodation in Los Angeles. The first and foremost option is on-campus accommodation. While on-campus dorms are likely to be the best choice, their availability will depend on the institution. Off-campus university apartments are also available and you can find some affordable options too. You can find many student accommodation Los Angeles which is equipped with different kinds of amenities.

For those who would rather rent privately, different kinds of Los Angeles are popular with the students. These will comprise Westwood Village which borders the UCLA campus with its tight-knit community as well as proximity to a wide range of entertainment and dining options. Wherever you decide is the top-notch area for you, remember that you factor in your commute to lectures as well as seminars because public transport in Los Angeles can be hard to come by. 

The best universities for international students 

The second-largest city in the US, Los Angeles has a wide range of higher education options for all international students. whether you want to enjoy different lectures in the heart of downtown LA or stay a little bit far, there is bound to be a university that is right for you. Below are the three top-notch ones:

  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): The university is proud of the diverse background of its student body, UCLA welcomes individuals from a wide range of countries. The university boasts a wide range of resources for all the international students comprising of sponsored outings around Southern California and on-campus cultural and language immersion events. 
  • University of Southern California (USC): With students from different countries, USC has a truly worldwide unit. The international students represent more than a quarter of the student population. The university offers a wide range of advice to students from across the world on aspects like English-language proficiency as well as financial aid. 
  • California Institute of Technology: This institute is situated across the city of Pasadena, which is just 12 miles from downtown LA. The university offers students with needs-sensitive admission process for all international applicants. This institute is known for its strength in science and engineering. 

All about entertainment and food in the city 

Los Angeles is known for having the best eateries. From street food to traditional diners, here you can find some of the best places to eat. Having food with ocean views or exploring boutique downtown institution will mesmerize you. Amongst the global cuisine on offer, you will not want to miss the most amazing Mexican food over here. you can have some of the best food over here. The taste of the food is definitely scrumptious. Being the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles will provide you with one of the most exciting student lifestyles that you can imagine. You can go downtown to dance in one of the city’s top-notch clubs or concert venues. Here you can enjoy an intimate experience, so you can explore different comedy, music as well and performing arts in smaller settings. 

Life on a budget

Student life in Los Angeles might not be the cheapest, but here you can find a wide range of fun activities to enjoy that will not break the bank. When you take a stroll around 4,000 acre Griffith Park will not cost you a cent and neither will a 22-mile bike ride along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. Taco trucks offer the students with affordable meals as well as public transport which is generally cheaper than a taxi. In addition to it, you can remember to take the student discount card with you wherever you go. 

The main attractions in Los Angeles? 

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Despite the high cost of living, Los Angeles offers the students a wide range of free as well as cheap things for the students to do. You can simply walk through the vibrant streets as well as enjoy all the city which you can offer. You cannot live in Los Angeles without enjoying a great life over here. Whether the beach is the destination of choice for reading up on your studies you can enjoy swimming or surfing over here. 

Cost of studying in Los Angeles 

Studying and living in Los Angeles can be expensive and the estimated breakdown of the cost of living is as follows: 

  • Tuition and fee: $40,000
  • Health insurance: $2,000
  • Accommodation: $10,000
  • Stationery: $1,200
  • Transportation: $2,500
  • Food: $2,500

Why study in Los Angeles? 

Quality Education: With some of the best universities over here, the students can up their game. You can enroll in Caltech, UCLA, or the University of Southern California which offers the best education to international students. 

Diverse Environment: You will find people from different cultures speaking different languages. University over here welcomes students from different nationalities. 

Vibrant Culture: it is also one of the most beautiful cities and the students will never get bored. You can explore different beaches, museums, Hollywood, nightlife, and much more. 

Amazing Weather: Los Angeles is known for its most amazing weather. it is almost sunny year-round. 

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