Microsoft Store is Finally Faster on Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft Store is Finally Faster on Windows 11 and Windows 10

A new version of the Microsoft Store has been rolling out with Windows 11. Microsoft is finally giving the app marketplace a major overhaul. Among other things, it will now automatically download and restore apps when you set up a new PC. It also aims to make it much faster.


The Microsoft Store lets you download games and apps that add features and functions to your computer. They replace traditional desktop programs, which can sometimes be a pain to find and often come with bloatware or bugs.

One big benefit of phone link app installation convenience—you don’t need to hunt down the right download page or worry about fake websites. Another is automatic updates, compared to having to manually install updates for many desktop apps.

But the Store app itself can be slow and unintuitive to use. It takes a few seconds for the app product pages to load, and clicking important buttons can take longer than they should. This is a serious problem that Microsoft has been working to fix. The latest update to the Store is a step in that direction.


The Microsoft Store app received a significant makeover in time for Windows 11 last year, but more improvements are on the way. The company is bringing Android apps to the store through an Amazon partnership and making it easier for web developers to incorporate curated “stories” about new apps.

Microsoft also wants to entice developers with a new option that lets them keep all in-app purchase revenue instead of splitting it with the company. That could help boost the number of available apps, which has been dwindling.

Microsoft is also improving how the Store handles automatic updates. It will now skip over apps that are open when an update is available, which should reduce the number of interruptions during work or play. It will also let users defer updates for up to two weeks.

Movies & TV

Microsoft Store, which includes the Windows App store, Xbox Video, Movies and TV, is the digital marketplace where people can download apps, movies, books and music. It also offers hardware and accessories, including PCs, Surface devices, Xbox consoles and Mixed Reality headsets.

Users can access the Microsoft Store through the app on their computer or from a web browser on their desktop or laptop. The app resembles a modern online store with tabs for different categories of content.

For example, gamers can find games that are cross-compatible with Xbox thanks to the Play Anywhere service. And the Movies & TV tab contains a catalog of films and TV shows in HD that can be rented or bought. A search bar enables them to do a general or specific search.


The Microsoft Store app on Windows 11 and Windows 10 is now faster and prettier. The company’s existing digital storefront has been slow and unwieldy for years, but a new UI is coming in the next release that will make it much easier to use.

The redesigned Store app is the first step in a big overhaul of Windows 11. The software giant is also adding a “restore” feature that will automatically load apps you own when setting up a new PC.

Microsoft is also bringing Android apps to the platform through a partnership with Amazon. These will work in a similar way to the existing ways of running Android apps on Windows 10. This is another sign that the two operating systems are becoming more integrated.


Microsoft introduced its Store (then known as the Windows Store) with Windows 8. It was the primary way for users to get new Universal Windows Platform apps, which have more in common with mobile apps than traditional desktop software.

The Store app is now much faster and has a Fluent Design makeover. It also remembers which apps you’ve already installed on your PC, so when you set up a new one, it will start preloading them right away.

The Store also includes a section that surfaces apps and tools that are powered by AI. This is a welcome addition, as it can help people discover apps they may not have otherwise known about. It’s also good news for developers who want to showcase their work in this new area of the app catalog.

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