Reasons For Women’s Abduction and Rape In A Society

Reasons For Women’s Abduction and Rape In A Society

Every second, there is a rape happens in the world. However, the ratio of feminine rape is increasing day by day, and nobody can stop it from happening. So, it is a norm and culture of a society to tease girls and assault them. Therefore, it is an egoistic nature of men to find it difficult to listen to the word No from a girl’s mouth. Hence, a girl cannot say no to anything. Thus, if she says no. Men forcibly fulfill their sexual cravings.

Men think of women as sex objects. So, they treat them very badly. However, they disrespect girls and stare at them with evil eyes. Nevertheless, their staring does not stop and causes real discomfort to girls. The majority of girls face this trauma every day. Therefore, it has become their regular occurrence of teasing and ill-treating women. Regardless of the age, they do not spare young or old women.

Consequently, the culture is increasing daily, and people are silent on this injustice. However, girls have the right to raise their voices against their assaults. So, they can visit a police station to lodge their complaints. ­Police must listen to their protests and take action against the rapist. However, they immediately take the victim girl to the hospital to check her physical examination. Many authors have shared painful stories of girls in their books. But girls must buy and read Janet Charles women rape book to take inspiration from it.

Here are a few reasons for women rape in the society:

Sense of Opposite Feminine Attraction

Men and women are attracted to each other. However, it is a universal fact that nobody can deny it. Hence, their attraction is magnetic, which pulls them toward each other. But the force is controllable. So you can keep control of it. Hence, it differentiates a human being from a beast. A beast is a savage animal who roams around in a forest and attacks everyone. Humans are blessed with a sense of brain. Therefore, they can think before they leap. However, men must lower their gaze when they happen to see girls. So, they must quit their bad habits of staring at girls. Their staring creates a desire in them to get physical with a woman.

Display a Masculinity

Most men have an ugly mentality of badly treating women. So, they use the same behavior inside and outside of their house. However, their wives, sisters, and daughters can tolerate their anger and rage. But they cannot show their fury on every woman. Therefore, they must give due respect to girls in school, college, university, and workplace. Hence, they should behave properly and respectfully to girls walking on the street. They must leave a place for them to go home with dignity. A man is a man. He does not need to show his manhood to others. So, it does not make him feel proud of his superior gender. A society is based on equal gender and applies this idea everywhere in the world. Men and women are equal to each other. However, they are somehow different in shape and structure. But that does not mean that men suppress women for it.

Obsession of Filthy Media

The biggest reason for rape is the prevalence of nasty and filthy media. However, access to porn is easier for men of all ages. So, they watch the open nudity on the screen and lose their control. Hence, they either masturbate or find a girl desperately to have sex with her forcibly. The visual content on the websites spoils their minds and keeps it on a regular basis. Boys keep sitting on computers and laptops for hours. Parents do not bother to check their children’s activities. They do not even monitor their kids strictly, which gives them freedom and independence. However, teen boys have a changing hormone like girls at this age. So, it sparks their emotions, and they cannot control their inner sentiments to express them in horrible ways.

Short and Revealing Clothing

Girls often wear short and revealing clothes nowadays. These outfits show their entire body from the front and backside. Boys feel tempting to view naked legs and feet of girls. It creates a desire and passion in them to attack and abuse a female gender. Parents must teach their daughters good manners to cover up their bodies while going out. Women must not need to stay out late at night, which causes them a risk or fear of rape attack. Most rapes happen after the dusk. It is a darkness that promotes the happening of rape and reveals the brutality of men in the society. Their lust for sex increases when they see modern girls and victimize them.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are crucial causes for a man to attack a girl. However, this attack is obviously intentional, with a plan to tease and abuse a woman. But they are not afraid of the result of punishment. So, the law must be strict to punish these offenders severely and on the spot. Hence, it must create a fear of the law in their heart to think several times before committing a crime. Therefore, it is all about the filthy mentality of young men about a girl. However, they think about the physical features of women and enjoy touching them. It raises their passion and obsession to make a girl submissive to them.

So, they can do anything without any fear of consequences. It encourages men to show their masculinity and manhood to innocent young girls. But men should think about their own sisters and daughters before doing this to anybody else. It teaches them a practical lesson to learn a strong message from it, and they must not forget it all through their lives. People must purchase Janet Charles women rape book to understand and feel their pain and sufferings clearly. Once an unfortunate incident happens to a woman, she cannot forget it for her life. It is a harmful trauma that can badly affect her life, and she cannot cope with it so easily.

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