Review of the Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS

Review of the Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS

Washing machines have evolved from just being luxury household appliances to being a must-have item in every home that values convenience and time-saving. While front-load washing machines are becoming more popular, top-load washing machines still have their advantages, such as ease of use and affordability. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS. This washing machine is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable top-loading washing machine. In this review, we will discuss its key features, functions, and performance.

Design and Features

The Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS has a simple yet elegant design. Its top-loading feature makes it easy to load and unload laundry, and its twin-tub design means you can wash and spin-dry your clothes separately. It also comes with a detergent dispenser, a filter that catches lint, and a child lock feature to prevent accidents. It has a 10kg wash load capacity and a 6kg spin load capacity. The machine’s dimensions are 960mm x 565mm x 1020mm.


This machine has a range of washing programs including normal, quick wash, delicate, and heavy duty. The normal program is suitable for general washing needs, while the quick wash program can wash clothes in just under 20 minutes. The delicate wash program is suitable for gentle fabrics such as silk and lace, while the heavy-duty program can tackle tough stains such as oil and mud. The machine also has a timer and an automatic power-off function, which means you can set the machine to wash your clothes while you’re away doing other things.


The Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS is known for its powerful performance. Its motor is rated at 520W, which means it can wash and spin-dry clothes quickly and efficiently. Its pulsator technology ensures that clothes are thoroughly cleaned and the spin-dry feature ensures that clothes come out almost dry, saving you time and energy when ironing. The machine is also relatively quiet during operation and does not vibrate excessively.

Price and Warranty

The Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS is an affordable option for anyone looking for a top-loading washing machine. It is currently priced at around $330. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty, which covers repairs and replacements for any parts that are faulty or malfunctioning.

The Ultimate Solution for Heavy Laundry Loads: Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS

Doing laundry is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a critical aspect of our day-to-day living. There is nothing more frustrating than owning a washing machine that is not equipped to handle large laundry loads, leaving you with piles of dirty laundry. The ideal washing machine should have ample capacity, advanced features, and be energy-efficient. Haier understands this need and has introduced the 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS as the Ultimate Solution for Heavy Laundry Loads.

The Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS boasts an impressive capacity of 10kg, making it an ideal machine for large households. The machine’s twin tub design allows for simultaneous washing and spinning to save you time and get the job done more efficiently. The washing tub is made of high-quality plastic, making it rust-resistant and long-lasting.

The machine’s wash cycles are advanced and cater to different fabric types. The washing cycle has four selectable modes, including standard, delicate, heavy-duty, and fluff. Meanwhile, the spinning cycle features three selectable modes, including standard, gentle, and strong. These modes ensure the fabric’s integrity is not damaged, and your clothes come out clean and looking like new.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS has got that covered. The machine has a four-star energy rating, meaning it consumes less electricity than most washing machines in its class. Additionally, the machine has a built-in lint filter that ensures your clothes do not get entangled inside the machine’s motor, prolonging its lifespan.

As for user convenience, the machine has an adjustable leg design that lets you adjust the machine level on uneven surfaces to reduce vibrations during the washing and spinning cycles. The washing machine’s body is made of high-quality steel, offering users a robust and durable design that can withstand years of use.


In summary, the Haier Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS is an excellent investment for homes that require an efficient, high-capacity washing machine. Its advanced features, energy efficiency, and durable design make it an ideal option for homeowners seeking a machine that can withstand heavy usage. Purchase yours today from your local Haier dealer and take the first step to a more enjoyable laundry experience.

The Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS is a reliable and affordable washing machine that offers great value for money. Its powerful performance, range of washing programs, and ease of use make it ideal for families and individuals who want a top-loading washing machine that is efficient and convenient. Whether you are washing delicate clothes or heavy-duty fabrics, this machine can handle it all. Overall, the Haier 10kg Twin Tub Washing Machine HWM-100AS is definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new washing machine that offers good performance and value.


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