Top 7 Single Word Starts for Wordle

Top 7 Single Word Starts for Wordle

Wordle is one of the year’s biggest games, and people are always looking for tips to improve their skills. One popular strategy is to start with vowel-heavy words like CRANE, ADIEU, ABOUT or CANOE. But this isn’t the only strategy out there. Mathematicians have also weighed in with analytics.

1. Ourie

There are many different strategies when it comes to Wordle, and there’s no one right answer. For some, going vowel-heavy is the best way to go. Vowels appear in almost every five-letter English word, so playing a vowel-heavy word like ADIEU or AUDIO will quickly rule out a lot of words and help you narrow your options down.

Other players prefer to go a little bit more consonant-heavy with their first guess, such as SLATE or CRANE. These pick out the most common -ED words and also contain other useful letters, such as R and T.

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2. Reach 

One way to improve your Wordle game is to pack your start words with vowels. This is because most Wordle answers contain at least one A, E, I or O — so any word that hits those letters early will help trim down the galaxy of potential solutions.

A mathematician named Grant Sanderson decided to take matters into his own hands by using information theory and running simulations of 2,500 possible Wordle games. He found that crane is the best single Wordle starting word because it offers two of the most common vowels while also having a good amount of consonants.

3. Soare

A Cambridge-educated mathematician who goes by the name 3Blue1Brown on YouTube has applied his expertise in information theory to Wordle and created a video that is heavy on mathematics, but well worth watching. He used testing programs to find the starting word that should require, on average, the fewest guesses to reach the final answer.

He arrived at a list of the top five Wordle starter words, including Slate, Roate, Trace, Centu, and Doggo. He also suggests using vowel-heavy words to eliminate letters quickly.

Some players swear by ADIEU and AUDIO, which have tons of vowels to narrow down the letters in the solution word. But that strategy doesn’t work for everyone, and a number of other starting words are better than those two.

4. Roate

A popular tip for Wordle is to start with a word that contains a lot of vowels and common consonants. Those letters will help you shape the following guesses and improve your chances of solving the puzzle in one or two rounds.

A YouTube user went a step further with his wordfinder strategy, applying what’s called information theory to the game. His video is dense and heavy on math talk, but it outlines some effective strategies for players of all skill levels.

According to his analysis, the best Wordle starting word is “crane.” It has a lot of good vowels and includes popular consonants like R and T.

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5. Blah

If you want to get a head start in Wordle, you should try to pick a vowel-heavy word. This will help you identify the letters in the solution word, and you can then rule out answers based on the number of times the same letter repeats. For example, Deseret News copy editor Chris Miller likes to start with blah because it contains all five vowels and is fairly common. He has a high win percentage because of this.

Wordle is all about probability, and that involves math. Popular math YouTuber Grant Sanderson recently dropped a video calculating why the best Wordle opener is crane. The New York Times Wordle bot has also deduced that Salet is the optimum starting word for the game.

6. Centu

When it comes to guessing at Wordle, most experts agree that you should go for vowel-heavy words as your opening guess. This will help rule out many potential answers and narrow down the galaxy of possibilities.

Cambridge-educated mathematician Alex Selby put this theory to the test, using an algorithm that analyzed letter frequency and position. He determined that Salet (a type of helmet worn in the Middle Ages) should require the fewest total guesses. Popular math YouTube Grant Sanderson backed up this finding in a follow-up video recommending Soare, an old name for a young hawk.

7. Doggo

A popular tip that some players follow is to start with vowel-heavy words. They’re easier to eliminate, so it’s less likely you’ll have to guess more than once to find the solution to the puzzle.

Another option is to go with consonant-heavy words. Words with S, R and T are some of the most common letters in English, and they’ll help you narrow down your options by knocking other solutions out of contention. Examples include boop, zoomies and snot. You might also try zaxes, which includes two of the least common letters in the English language.

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