What’s the Process For Tracking Your NSDL PAN Status?

What’s the Process For Tracking Your NSDL PAN Status?

Permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique identification code assigned to individuals or businesses by the Income Tax department of India. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that is useful for various financial transactions, including paying taxes, opening a bank account, or investing.

The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) is one of the largest depositories in India that manages the PAN card application and allocation process. Once you have applied for a PAN card, it is essential to track the status of your application until you receive your PAN card. This article will guide you through the process of tracking your NSDL PAN status.

Step 1: Visit the NSDL Website

The first step to track your NSDL PAN status is to visit the NSDL website. You can access the website at https://www.nsdl.co.in/. Once you are on the website’s homepage, scroll down, and you will find a section titled ‘PAN,’ hover the mouse over there, and click the link titled ‘Track your PAN/TAN Application Status’.

Step 2: Choose the Application Type

After clicking on the link to track your PAN/TAN application status, you will be redirected to a new webpage. On this webpage, you will have to select the type of application you have submitted. There are two types of application you can select – PAN application or TAN application. Since you are tracking your PAN application status, select the PAN application option.

Step 3: Enter Your Application Details

After selecting the PAN application option, you will be required to enter your application details. Enter your 15-digit application number, which is sent to you via email or SMS after submitting your application. If you don’t have your application number, you can enter your name and date of birth instead.

Step 4: Submit Your Details

After entering your application number or name and date of birth details, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will be redirected to a new page where you can view your NSDL PAN status.

Step 5: Check Your NSDL PAN Status

Once you have submitted your PAN number details, your NSDL PAN status will be displayed on the screen. There are several status messages that you may see related to your PAN number. Let’s look at some of the status messages you may encounter.

Status Messages:

  1. Application Under Process

If your status displays “Application under process” it means that your application is being processed by NSDL. You may have to wait a few more days for your application to be approved.

  1. Application with Incomplete/Incorrect Details

If your status message reads “Application with incomplete/incorrect details,” it means that there is an error in the information you submitted on your application form. This error may be in your name, address, or any other detail you provided. In such a case, you need to send a new corrected form to NSDL.

  1. Dispatched to the Address

When your status reads, “Dispatched to the address,” it means that your PAN card has been sent to your registered address via postal service. Wait for a few days to receive your PAN card.

  1. Application Withheld For Processing

Sometimes, NSDL might withhold your application for processing. The reasons for the hold may vary, including a mismatch in your application details. You will have to follow up with NSDL to resolve the issue.

  1. No Records Found

If your status message reads “No records found,” it means that your PAN application has not been received by NSDL. You need to reapply for a PAN card with NSDL by filling out a new application form.

In case, your status message displays “Digitally signed e-PAN Card is available,” which means that you can download your e-PAN from the site without awaiting the physical PAN card dispatch.

Step 6: Follow Up with NSDL

If you have any concerns regarding your NSDL PAN status, you can follow up with NSDL via phone call or email. NSDL has a helpline number dedicated to PAN/TAN application queries that you can reach at 020-27218080 or 020-27218081. You can also send an email to the NSDL PAN/TAN customer care at tininfo@nsdl.co.in.

Alternate Way of Tracking UTI PAN Application:

Apart from the process mentioned above, NSDL also offers another medium of tracking your PAN card status. This medium is the UTI PAN application portal.

Step 1: Visit the UTI PAN Application Portal

The first step of tracking your PAN status through the UTI portal is to visit the UTI website. The site’s address is https://www.utiitsl.com/.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Track your PAN/TAN Status’ Link

Once you access the UTI website, click on the ‘Track Your PAN/TAN Status’ link on the homepage.

Step 3: Choose Your Application Type and Enter Your Details

After selecting your application type, enter your application coupon number or your PAN card number on the page. If you don’t have either of these numbers, enter your name, father’s name, and date of birth.

Step 4: Check Your PAN Card Status

After entering your details, click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will be directed to a new page where you can check your UTI PAN card status.

Step 5: Get in Touch with UTI Customer Care

If you have any queries, you can reach out to the UTI customer care team at 1800220306 or send them an email at utiitsl.gsd@utiitsl.com.


Tracking your NSDL PAN status is a simple process that can be done through the NSDL portal or the UTI PAN application portal. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be able to track your NSDL PAN status with ease and efficiency. It is essential to track your NSDL PAN application status to ensure that your PAN card is processed without any hitches and to keep your financial transactions in order. By taking advantage of the NSDL and UTI PAN tracking services, you can alleviate any worry about the status of your PAN card application.

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