Which month is cheapest for Umrah?

Which month is cheapest for Umrah?

Umrah travel is opted for throughout the year by Muslims worldwide. On average, millions of pilgrims arrive in Makkah every year with Cheap Umrah Packages from USA and offer the holy rituals in Makkah. Since Umrah isn’t an obligatory pilgrimage but a sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW), one can travel for it at a time that best suits individual preferences and budget.

That’s why the cheapest time for Umrah travel will differ for every pilgrim travelling. However, here’s a brief guide for you to choose between the cheapest months for Umrah travel.

Off-Peak Months:

Exploring months that have reduced demand for Umrah travel offers you the opportunity to get cost-effective solutions for your pilgrimage travel. With competitive prices, off-peak months bring a lesser crowd of pilgrims to Haramain. All in all, providing a peaceful environment for Umrah rituals.
The off-peak season usually includes the summer season in Makkah, days after Hajj completion as well as the holiday season (Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, etc.). Travelling during these times brings affordable travel and accommodation costs for your pilgrimage.

On the other hand, steering clear of peak seasons is also advised particularly including the holy month of Ramadan, school holidays and major religious events.

Shoulder Seasons:

The months that lie between the peak travel season and off-peak travel season are known as ‘shoulder months’. Shoulder season also brings affordable travel costs for you because this time experiences a moderate number of pilgrims arriving in the region for holy rituals i.e. neither too much nor too little.
Travelling during the shoulder season strikes a balance between;

Lower prices:
Favourable weather conditions in Makkah.

Fewer crowds:
More affordable options for accommodations and flights.

Therefore, making it an ideal time for families to travel and offer Umrah rituals peacefully.

Avoiding Major Events:

Prices may increase during significant religious events for Umrah travel. Therefore, pilgrims should carefully check the local calendar to identify any major gatherings and events in the region. Avoiding travel during these occasions is a strategic approach to ensure more reasonable costs and enhance the overall affordability of the Umrah journey.

Flexible Travel Dates:

Flexibility in travel dates is an intelligent strategy for securing better deals. Choosing midweek flights over weekends and preferring to travel with red-eye flights often comes with cost advantages. Furthermore, pilgrims can easily adjust their travel dates based on the pricing trends to optimize their overall Umrah budget.

Early Booking:

Booking the Umrah travel and accommodation services early not only leads to lower prices but also results in larger selection availability. Prebooking your different pilgrimage services also helps you capitalize on a variety of promotions and discounts that are often advertised by different airlines, hotels and travel agencies for a limited time.

So, book your Umrah travel at least three to four months before your intended departure date to get the best deals for a cost-effective and well-planned Umrah experience.

Awareness of Promotions:

Travel agencies usually get exclusive deals and discounts from top airlines and hospitality service providers as a result of their constant business. Therefore, these promotions can only be accessed by a client upon inquiring. While you can subscribe to the newsletters of different companies to stay updated on upcoming discounts, asking your travel agent directly can sometimes bring fruitful results. Therefore, enhancing opportunities for cost savings.

Cheapest months:

While no hard and fast rule can specify the cheapest months for Umrah, industry insights and user experiences tell that the peak months according to the Islamic lunar calendar are;

• Muharram.
• Rajab.
• Safar.
• Shawwal.
• Dhul-Qi’dah.
• Dhul-Hijjah (after the Hajj season ends on the 12th of Dhul-Hijjah).

During these months, there is typically a lower demand for Umrah visas, flights, hotels and pilgrimage travel services in general. Therefore, leading to more affordable prices for pilgrims.

Factors affecting Umrah travel costs:
Even during the cheapest months to travel for Umrah, you cannot exactly predict the costs for your minor pilgrimage journey because several factors contribute to it. such as;

Time of booking.
Type of package booked.
Air travel demand.

Space for accommodation, etc.

So, we can say that the summer season in Makkah is the cheapest time for Umrah travel while Ramadan Umrah Packages are the most expensive.

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