Why We Should Play an Online Game

Why We Should Play an Online Game

Online games are video games that are played over a network, usually the Internet. They can be multiplayer or single-player, and can involve transactions using points or virtual goods. Many people play video games to feel connected to others. This can be especially beneficial for shy people who need to interact with people through a medium that is more under their control.

Social Interaction

Online gaming is a social activity that allows players to communicate with each other through text, image, and sound communication. This communication takes place within a game world and often results in players becoming close friends with each other. This social interaction has been shown to have a positive effect on the psychological well being of gamers.

One study found that players who play massively multiplayer role-playing games like Tap Tap Shots have strong social relationships and feel a sense of belonging with their in-game friends. The researchers speculated that the strong emotional bonds that develop between gamers may compensate for a lack of social support from family or friends.

Online gaming is also an excellent way for shy people to meet other people. The anonymity of the internet makes it easier for them to meet and talk to people without feeling intimidated or stressed. This way, shy people can have a virtual community that is as real as the ones they have in real life.


Online gaming can allow players to interact without the need to reveal their real identities. This anonymity allows players to experiment with different personalities in a safe environment and to explore their emotions and thoughts that they would not feel comfortable doing in the real world.

Anonymity may also allow people to speak freely and criticize others without fear of being retaliated against or having their lives threatened. Whistleblowers publish information that companies or governments would rather suppress; activists fight against repressive regimes; and victims of domestic abuse try to rebuild their lives without the threat of retribution.

However, anonymity can be used to spread falsehoods and discriminatory commentary, and to incite exploitation, abuse and violence. It can make perpetrators feel uninhibited by the usual social standards of behavior, and can enable them to evade detection by hiding behind fake profiles or using anonymous chat rooms. A balance is needed, where misuse of anonymity is restricted without removing its legitimate benefits.

Development of Skills

Online games allow people to engage in virtual activities on any internet-enabled device. They can address the entertainment needs of people who spend a lot of time on transit or in waiting rooms. They can also help people to keep their minds sharp by providing challenging cognitive tasks.

Video games provide challenges that require players to solve problems and make decisions. Research shows that these skills improve as a person plays more games. These skills are useful in many real-life situations. In addition, video games teach players to persevere through frustration, a skill that can benefit them later in life.

Some games, such as role-playing games, encourage players to work together to complete objectives. These games help children develop social skills in a safe environment where they can learn to collaborate and communicate with others. They can also build character attributes by acquiring items and leveling up their weapons. This can also help them develop a sense of achievement.

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